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I didn't tell Liana this until years after, but I actually head hunted her. Truth. We were both members of Critique Circle at the time, an online crit group, and while I had a private queue and some people who would crit things for me, it was sort of fizzling. I'd been a member for maybe six months, and I don't know, everyone I knew on there was just getting busy and falling prey to Life. Liana joined, and I saw her in the public queues - she had a tree icon at that stage - and that little tree just seemed to keep popping up in the genres I was writing. She was a critiquer on steroids*, ploughing through ridiculous numbers of crits in a week, and I knew I wanted her for my queue.

* Obviously not ACTUAL steroids :P

So I started hanging out on the threads where she was, and lo and behold, we hit it off, and she joined my queue and started critting for me. She was there for my first NaNoWriMo, and I read her story from that year too (which, by the way, y'all need to join me in petitioning her for an edited version, because Fun Story), and we realised the truth: we were twins, separated only by the Atlantic Ocean, a couple of years, and totally different genetics. BUT HEY, TWINS, M'KAY?

Liana named us the Twins of Darkness and Good at some point, I don't even remember any more. Our kids call each of us Aunt and our husbands Uncle, we Skype, I've stayed for a week at her house (no mean feat since I'm in Australia and Liana is in the USA), and generally do all the things you'd expect of twins. We even switched due dates for the kids we were pregnant with at the same time.

Technically, I'm the Good Twin and Liana is the Evil Twin. But if the question is who is the darkness and who is the good, well, you'd have to read the stories and make up your own mind. Probably, neither of us are very good. Authors are like that, sometimes.


Somewhere around two years into this affair, Liana and I realised that we couldn't run this thing on our own. We were having too much fun to quit entirely, but writing two stories a month was just too much on top of our everyday loads. So we put out the call to a few of our writing buddies: Hey Writer Friend! Wanna join our awesome story blog? 

Thea van Diepen answered our plea and came to our rescue, and so we became three. We couldn't be happier to have Thea with us, and you can read her bio below. Yay! More stories for everyone! Who wouldn't be excited by that? :) 

Thea van Diepen hails from the snowy land of Canada and that fairest of cities, Edmonton, Alberta. She is, of course, completely unbiased due to her Bachelor's in psychology (wait, that's not how that works...) and is also obsessed with  Orphan Black, Madeleine L'Engle's books, and nerdy language things.

If she were ever to grow up, Thea wants to be boring so as to provide an example as to why growing up is a terrible career choice.
Her website exists in this location on the interwebs, and she enjoys talking with fellow humans on Twitter.

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