Monday, June 1, 2015

As Long As I Live

I didn’t mean to abduct the king. Honest I didn’t. Especially after he’d told me that if I fed on humans again he’d send his knights after me. After that, I’d meant to be good, meant to keep my oath of fealty to him as long as he still drew breath.
It wasn’t my fault he’d chosen that day to be out in a paddock full of cows. I’d just snatched up the first thing I’d been able to reach, assuming it was one of nearly a hundred practically identical black beasts.
Honestly, I think I was more surprised when I landed back at my lair than the king was.
“How dare you!” the king blustered. “I told you! If you so much as even touch another human being, I’ll have you slaughtered for meat and magic!”
I ducked my head, embarrassed. “I really am sorry, your Majesty. I was aiming for the cows.”
“I don’t care what you were aiming for! You picked up me! I’ll not kill you yet, but you will pay for this.” He turned on his heel and marched away, but over his shoulder something sleek and dark and dangerous fluttered.
I shrank back, but the glittering darkness homed in. It enfolded me in its silken folds, and I shrieked as my wings tore to shreds.
The darkness lifted. The king threw me one last look over his shoulder. “You’ll never fly to search for prey as long as I live, dragon. It’s over. Curl up and die.”
Usually, I would have done. For a dragon, I’ve been pretty obedient to the king, ever since he took my egg from my mother and left me in my cave. But not even for him was I willing to starve to death.
It was the obvious solution. I pounced.

He tasted pretty good, even if my wings did itch a bit as they healed.

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